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Uplifting Plastic Surgery: Why Choose a Breast Lift/Mastopexy?

Do you want altitude or abundance?

For those new to breast-related plastic surgery, first we will define the relevant term! A mastopexy is simply another name for a breast lift—that is, a surgery in which breasts are reshaped and “lifted”, but no implants are added. While it does not significantly change breast size, this procedure can greatly alter the appearance and position of breast tissue.


There are many reasons that someone might opt for a mastopexy over a breast augmentation through implants. We’ve outlined a few of them below, to help anyone considering breast-related plastic surgery come to the right decision for their body and their desired outcome.


You aren’t concerned about your breasts being bigger

Some people do want larger breasts, and a breast augmentation is definitely the right procedure for them. Many, however, just want to improve the shape and appearance of their chest, and don’t actually feel strongly about increasing the size—but may be unaware that implants are not the only option.


A mastopexy can result in higher, firmer-looking breasts without a size increase. Many women considering surgery would be very happy with that result!


You want to combat sagging

A breast lift or mastopexy is a fantastic way to reverse drooping and bring your breasts back up to where they used to be—or where you would prefer them to be! Literally “lifting” the breasts, the procedure can correct the position of nipples and tighten up the skin so that everything becomes perkier and better-positioned. It can even restore symmetry if one breast drops lower than the other.


A breast augmentation, while it increases the size of the breast, is not recommended as a way to combat droopiness. If sagging is the issue, a breast lift is the best solution and can be done instead of, or even may be required at the same time as an augmentation.


You’d like to restore pre-baby shape

The effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding on your breasts can be major and permanent. Many mothers, once their baby-making and baby-feeding years are behind them, would like a little surgical help in restoring their breasts to what they were before their bundles of joy.


A breast lift or mastopexy is a fantastic option for this—it tightens things up without causing anything to look unnatural, and can restore some confidence to a busy mother who is just starting to make time for herself again. It is frequently done in combination with a tummy tuck to take care of excess skin and pouching left over from pregnancy.


You prefer to keep things a little more natural

While some women may like the look of breast implants, many also aren’t keen on introducing foreign materials into their body, even ones considered safe. They would rather keep their own natural assets and just give them a makeover, so to speak. The end result of a mastopexy is also—on the whole—a lot more natural-looking and softer than an augmentation, so if you prefer to err on the side of natural but are still searching for a surgical boost, consider the breast lift procedure.


Both a mastopexy or breast lift and a breast augmentation or insertion of implants are valid choices, and each has benefits and drawbacks. Each procedure may be an ideal choices for different people, or could be alternative options for someone able to consider both. Finally the procedures can be carefully combined to produce the most powerful result in selected patients. Women wanting breast enhancement need to understand the options and how each might affect them to make the decision on what is best, based on their preferences, their current situation, and their desired outcome. At Bisson Plastic surgery we take care to make sure you are fully informed and able to come to the right conclusion.


For more information, take a look at our page detailing the breast lift/mastopexy procedure, and get in contact with our expert team to discuss personalised options.


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