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At Bisson Plastic Surgery we undertake a wide range of breast enhancement and cosmetic breast surgical procedures. These include breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lifts, breast reconstruction and male breast reduction procedures.
At your initial consultation, we take the time to understand your requirements, explain to you the surgical procedure (including post-op recovery information), and estimate costs. This initial consultation takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour. All breast enhancement procedures are undertaken at Bowen Hospital, Wellington.

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Additional breast surgeries undertaken

Correction of Inverted Nipples: This can be a cause of great concern for some women. Often a simple local anaesthetic surgical procedure can be used to bring about a long lasting improvement

Male breast reduction: A selection of techniques can be used to remove excess male breast tissue. We use open excision or liposuction, or a combination of both, to achieve the desired result. A general anaesthetic is required and your surgery could be a single day case procedure or an overnight stay

Breast symmetrizing surgery Abnormal breast development correction

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