Hand surgery

At Bisson Plastic Surgery we undertake a wide range of hand surgery procedures that can improve the function, comfort and and/or appearance of your hands. Our hand procedures include carpal tunnel release, trigger finger, Dupuytren’s disease, post injury reconstructive hand surgical procedures and many other general hand operations.

At your initial consultation we take the time to understand your requirements, explain to you the surgical procedure (including post-op recovery information), and estimate costs. This initial consultation takes approx 30 mins. Most hand procedures are undertaken at Bowen Hospital, Wellington.

Bisson Plastic Surgery is an ACC provider.

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Other surgeries undertaken

Post injury reconstructive hand surgery. Bisson Plastic Surgery undertakes reconstructive procedures after trauma and injury.

Tendon surgery

De Quervains disease

Nerve surgery – including grafting and decompressing upper limb nerves

Ganglion surgery – removal of wrist and finger ganglions

Other hand swellings or lumps – which can be treated or removed

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