Breast augmentation | Breast enlargement | Breast implants

Breast augmentation surgery is normally undertaken to enhance or improve an individual’s breast shape, size, and/or cleavage area.

Breast enlargement is undertaken with the use of breast implants. Through this cosmetic surgery procedure an individual can achieve an appealing and natural looking increase in cup size. We offer a range of different implant options and insertion techniques which we can discuss with you. In women who have a degree of aging of the breast envelope or after pregnancy and breast feeding where there can be some sagging of the emptier breast, this procedure can be combined with a tightening procedure, often termed a breast lift or mastopexy.

Careful assessment of each breast size, symmetry, shape and position and understanding how these will change with different implants or techniques to meet the patient's desired final result, is paramount.

Surgery details

  • Can be a day case procedure or with overnight stay
  • General anaesthetic is used
  • Implants used can be tailored to suit your desired size and shape
  • You will be reviewed one week after surgery
  • Sutures will be dissolvable
See our patient information leaflet for further information.

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