Breast reconstruction

At Bisson Plastic Surgery we undertake the full range of breast reconstruction procedures. This includes breast reconstruction either at the time of mastectomy for breast cancer or pre malignant disease or as a delayed procedure months or years after mastectomy.

Breast reconstruction techniques

Techniques used include expanders and breast implants, tissue transferred from the back or the tummy. At your initial consultation we take the time to understand your requirements, explain to you the surgical procedures and options available to you (including post-op recovery information), and estimate costs. This initial consultation takes approximately one hour. All breast reconstruction procedures are undertaken at Bowen Hospital, Wellington.

Ancillary procedures

To complete the breast reconstruction usually a nipple reconstruction is carried out. This is achieved by cutting and shaping a small flap of local skin on the summit of the breast reconstruction at the desired position. This is subsequently tattooed to give it the natural look and colour of the opposite nipple and surrounding areola. Sometimes other procedures are required such a symmetrizing operations on the opposite breast. These can be reduction, tightening or augmentation procedures. The reconstruction or donor site can also sometimes require improvement such as by trimming or smoothing any irregularities or adding extra fat by injecting it where required having removed it from another area by liposuction.

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